space dancer / Zoe in the sky with diamonds


A mischievous smile is always in style.


Necklace and rings are gifts from Nutritious. Lace bodysuit, a gift from American Apparel.


"Where time stops and the magic never ends."


Those thoughts live on the tip of your tongue…

The wine breathes…jagged shadows spin off the wall. I’m trying to avoid your eyes for fear they’ll suck the thoughts…I see your stare as my eyes trace the blue of the flame. The wall stares back at me impatiently. I close my eyelids. My tongue quivers. I suck down the Merlot and turn towards you, lips parted. My thoughts stay inside. You read them anyway. My eyes give them away. I try to stare at the wall again. You won’t let me. My tongue betrays me. My thoughts aren’t ripe yet. Words are jumbled; my mouth sucks on syllables. You suckle the vowels and consonants, aware of my chaotic speech. You ask what I’m thinking. My tongue answers, but lies.


blending in. 


Dancing shadow, sleepless halo. This is me, dancing in the street during a Brooklyn sunrise this past summer. Captured by Fedya Zavodylenko.


I needed a black light cannon for a collaboration with Psylab, Will Swank, DB and Nutritious. We were planning a special birthday celebration in New York City for friend and photographer, Matthew Fitzgerald (he took that amazing photo of me shadowdancing at Camp Bisco). Turns out, it was easier to find than I had anticipated. The result…Psychedelic TRON. 


'Tis the season. Michele Talich (she took those photos of me at the Kew Motor Inn and Bar Reis with her vintage Hasselblad camera) had never used a digital camera until this shoot. I wanted to make a postcard for the holidays. Some of you received that postcard in the mail. Some of you still have it on your fridge. This photo is from that shoot. 


chased by the Green Fairy…
“After the first glass of absinthe you see things as you wish they were. After the second you see them as they are not. Finally you see things as they really are…”


dance is my first language, entranc-ed, my body craves it.


Dreamy and surreal, my face plastered pretty on a bottle of fantasy while the sun rises. City lights wink as she sleeps. 


All decked out in Fetish Authentic. Photo by Taylor Flash. 


Whatever your fetish there’s a room out there, designed for you. In this case, it’s a fully stocked medical room where the nurses are on duty to pour salt in your wounds, laugh at your bruise.


When I think of you, I make these come-hither vibes with my hazel eyes.